The 1TAC Military tactical flashlight is brand new and is attempting to make its presence felt by telling you to illuminate your world as taclights continue to grow in popularity and practicality in 2016.

No matter what profession you belong to whether it’s related to a fire person, police official, hiking enthusiast or a tracker at worst locations of the world, the most important stuff you would require is the presence of torch light. Torch light can help you escape the darkest and rarest place where visibility is almost zero, but still traditional torch light are no more in use as it used to be. By nature torches can last for few hours only and get breaks easily if touches the ground.

Change in time has created various innovations and even these torches are now replaced by tactical flashlights that are far conventional and resistible sources. Today military personnel’s and secret agencies are mostly considering tactical lights due to their high light emission and tough design, which makes them a choice for rough destinations. Recently I observed 1TAC Military over the internet, which created a buzz on various websites and promises to use aircraft materials in its base. The LED light feature added to this flashlight makes it as best light emitting device constructed ever. Let’s find out a few details related to the product mentioned in a review below…

1TAC Military: An Introduction

1TAC Military is a tactical flashlight designed from the aircraft material, which is generally used as a secret weapon by military personnel’s today. It has capability to emit over 1200 lumens of light due to the addition of CREE XM L2 Emitter LED light display. The five different modes of adjustment could be made with the light emission, which can make the device last up to 100,000 hours by setting to high, medium and low. The flashlight is known to have IP65 certification with its high water resistance feature and is more than 25% high brightness when compared to other flashlights.

It is Constructed with very light weight design with aircraft materials makes this LED light easy to handle at most rarest destinations with no hassles. User may set up different focus points and make adjustment accordingly through its 1x, 250x, 500x, 1000x and 2000x concentrations of LED. Compared to traditional flashlights 1TAC Military proves to be far convenient and long lasting LED light, which has capacity to last for long hours and is available with friendly charging mode. From top to bottom the overall size of flashlight is 5.10 inches and could be increased up to 6.18 inch by adjustable neck provided on its surface.

1TAC Military Kit Features

1TAC Military comes along with a kit box that consists of various parts related to the flashlight such as…

  • AAA size battery holder
  • Chargers for call and wall mounting
  • Flashlight case for storage
  • TC1200 Holster
  • Battery with recharging mode

Features of 1TAC Military flashlight

1TAC Military flashlight generally includes of brilliant features, which makes it exceptional one and the finest LED light for rarest location. The following are its characteristics such as…

  • Optical zoom adjustable from 1x to 2000x
  • Finest edge for stronger gripping of the hands
  • aircraft grade aluminum fitted with the flashlight
  • Up to 88,764 hours of light emission standby mode without a break
  • 3 AAA size powerful batteries adjusting mode
  • The best self defense equipment far unique than other sources

Pricing Range of the Flashlight

1TAC Military LED tactical flashlight comes along with exclusive pricing policy and its shipping and handling charges is absolutely free of cost. The following are the pricing list mentioned of the offer such as…

  • Cost of 1 1TAC Military is $56.00 per unit total is $56.00
  • Cost of 2 1TAC Military is $50.99 per unit total is $101.98
  • Cost of 3 1TAC Military is $39.99 per unit total is $119.97
  • Cost of 5 1TAC Military is $36.99 per unit total is $184.95
  • 10 TC1200 Flashlights is $44.99 per unit total is $449.90

Where to Buy?

To avail the orders of 1TAC Military tactical flashlight you may simply click the above or below given banner to get redirected to its official website and confirm the booking afterwards. The orders are only available for a sale through its official website and aren’t available at local stores for purchase. Make sure you rush today to grab your trial since it may last for few days only due to high demand.