5 Ways to Convey New Year Wishes to your Friends

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As New Year is approaching, we all prepare ourselves for the New Year Eve. We generally start planning the New Year Party as soon as the month of November ends.

In this current generation of digitization, we have lots of options to wish our friends. However, sometimes we may get stuck in a deep though when it comes to wish our close ones to make them feel special.

In this article, we have listed 5 special ways and ideas through which you can convey your New Year Wishes to your friends and close ones.

Send Them a Physical Greeting Card

Sounds old fashioned? Well, think again! In this era, where it takes only few seconds to send an email or an SMS to someone, sending a physical card would actually mean something.

Person receiving the Greeting Card will feel valued since you’ve dedicated your time and effort in sending the physical card which people hardly send these days.


A Recorded Song

Can you sing or play guitar? Record a video or an audio with a festival song and send it to your friends ir relatives. This will make them feel like they are the special ones.

Even if you can’t sing well, you can still record a guitar tune with a poetic message and send it.


Write A Poem

This is something creative. Instead of copying new year status or messages from Internet and sending them on WhatsApp, you can write your own poem. It doesn’t have a to be very long one and should just convey your feelings and messages.

This is what usually poets and story writers do while wishing their friends.


Prepare A New Year Collage

A collage is a collection of photos and memories. If you are wishing someone with whom you have got lots of memories, you can prepare a collage of your pictures and send them. This takes effort but leaves a high emotional impact to the person you’re sending.

If you have a group of friends, this would work pretty well too.


Painting or Sketch

If you’re a good artist and can paint or sketch well, you can use your skills for this occasion. You can paint a new year scene with your message on it or you can also prepare a portrait of your loved one. This one takes the most time and effort. However, if there’s someone who means a lot to you and you want to make his New Year special, nothing can beat this gift, ever.


These were few tips which you can use while wishing your friends a very happy new year. If you have suggestions or a new idea for our list, kindly post in the comments section below and we will add in this list.

Have a Happy New Year!


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