A Guide to Select the Right Load Cell

The load cells are a common transducer seen in a variety of industrial uses. Although we don’t directly see, load cells are involved in several common applications we see regularly. Over the years, we have seen a variety of new load cells being developed. The wide range of these devices makes it a bit hard to choose the right one. You should consider a lot of aspects of your requirements to get the perfect device.

Here is a guide to selecting the right load cell for your need. 

The application

The first thing you should consider is the reason why you are buying the device. The type of load cell required is primarily based on the application you have. The way the force will be applied, and the kind of force involved can be known only by understanding where these devices will be used. In addition to this, the level of precision required can also be understood by the type of use. For example, a safety and quality system requires a higher precision cell than a simple measurement application.

The required capacity

Every load cell has a different capacity of force that it can hold. So you should have a clear idea of the approximate amount of force that will be applied to these devices. If you are choosing a low-end load cell with capacity lesser than your requirement, you will lose a lot of time changing damaged cells due to overloading. On the other hand, it is not required to get a load cell of exceeding capacity, and it is not required. So selecting the precise ability you need can help you save a lot of money and time.

The size

The size of the load cell required is also a significant factor to be considered. The first thing to look for, is the amount of space available and selecting the right cell matching that area. The shape of the load cell is also an essential factor. So have proper measurement and select the load cell appropriately. You can even get a custom made on matching your exact required dimension.

The operating environment

The operating environment where the load cell will be used is the least considered factor by most people. However, the temperature and other environmental factors have a notable role to play in the kind of device you want. The transducers used should be suitable for the environment to avoid failures and repairs.

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