Alejandro Pena Emphasizes Success With Keter Group’s Environmental Goals

Big businesses and small individuals alike celebrate environmental successes. Therefore, ecological stewardship has become part and parcel of operating a business in today’s modern world. Alejandro Pena is the CEO of Keter Group,. This Israeli company has made a name by delivering home design and lifestyle solutions with sustainable resinous materials as its primary production method. For more than 70 years, Keter Group has helped provide consumers an environmentally friendly way to approach home decor.

In 2023, Alejandro Pena and Keter Group are determined to continue pushing forward the idea and importance of environmentalism and environmental stewardship. Pena was brought to the business in 2018 to offer sustainable solutions as the company navigated westward into North America, Canada, and Europe.

Releasing its fourth sustainability report, Alejandro Pena would dive into the importance of their work thus far while highlighting the work still to come.

How Keter Group Is Leading an Environmental Revolution

Keter Group has long led the charge about environmentalism, particularly recently. Alejandro Pena looked at the company’s long history and emphasized its accomplishments thus far.

Alejandro Pena stated, “At Keter, we have incorporated recyclable and reusable materials in our production as a part of our commitment to sustainable practices.”

The 2022 Sustainability Report highlighted a few areas of success that Keter Group has enjoyed in recent years. According to the report, Keter improved its recycled content use from 39% to 41.8% between 2021 and 2022. AFiveof the m manufacturing plants operating under Keter would achieve zero landfill waste, accounting for nearly 18% of the company’s total goods.

Keter Group has made recycling a significant component of its business operations, which mayn’t change soon. Keter hopes to improve its production ratio to 55% recycled products by 2025.

Alejandro Pena admits that the business is achieving its goals but still has much work. Pena stated, “Most people think things are how they’ve always been and will always be. Not us. We’re relentless and determined.”

To help funnel information to consumers concerning its environmentalist goals, Keter Group published its core three pillars with the help of Alejandro Pena. The Core Three Pillars of Keter Group include “Better Products for Better Places, Better Planet, and Better Business.”

Teter Group’s mission statement aims to uplift and elevate while guiding consumers to tinning purchasing decisions that will tangibly improve their lives. Pena added, “Each commitment aims to improve people’s lives and the planet’s health.”

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