An Bui Career: How Can Soft Skills Help You Land a Job?

Do you know what soft skills are? When it comes to securing a job, they are far more important than you might believe. Here’s what soft skills help you land a job.

When doing a job search, make this essential skill stand out in your resume  and  cover letter to catch your employer’s attention against tons of candidates. Highlighting your soft skills will offer you an advantage over other candidates for the same position.

Let us go through some more reasons why soft skills are important.

4 Reasons Why Soft Skills Are Important

Employers value soft skills for a variety of reasons, including:

1.   Demonstrates Core Strength

Soft skills demonstrate key strength. Your strong inner values and moral compass shows by having soft skills. Hard skills are easier to show or be trained with unlike soft skills.

This is why it’s important for you to demonstrate this skill on your resume and during a job interview.  Employers are looking for someone dependable and persistent. With manifesting this skill, employers are more likely to view you as this person.

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2.           Reflects your nature rather than knowledge level

As mentioned,  strong soft skills is not something you can be trained with like hard skills does. Employers prefer candidates with personality traits like effective communication, creative and critical thinking. These traits reflect your interaction and relationships in a work environment.

3.   Soft skills compliments hard skills

We usually think technical skills are the reason an applicant was hired. But possessing soft skills in the eyes of an employer predicts your capability to learn new skills or improve the set of skills you already have.

Being receptive to the new hard skills your employers will require you to have for the job will result in being viewed as dependable and reliable.

4.   Soft skills are acquired without work experience

You don’t have to rely solely on work experience just to demonstrate this skill during an interview. Answering your interviewer’s questions is already showing it. By communicating effectively you subdue all the doubts an employer may have of you. After all, experience may be important but so is the potential of an applicant to be of a great value to the business.

Key Soft Skills

It’s important to know what specific skills fall under this category. Whether it is listed or not in a job description, presumably the employer is looking for someone with a solid set of soft skills.

There are two major skills that fall under the umbrella of soft skills that will help you succeed in the workplace, and these are social skills and verbal communication. Below are some examples of soft skills :

  • Time Management. It’s one thing to do a task before it’s deadline but balancing multiple tasks, separating your personal and professional life, staying focused and being consistent is on a different level.

  • Dependability. Your employer sees you having a strong set of soft skills as being reliable and dependable.

  • Conflict Resolution. By having soft skills, this manifests in you to examine an issue that affects your team or company and develop solutions to overcome it.

  • Listening Skills. You may have the best idea so far in your team or maybe your customer is voicing out a concern. The common thing to understand is, you should be able to hear other people’s ideas or concerns before jumping out onto solutions.

  • Critical Thinking. Do not expect supervision all the time or all of your questions get answered by your managers. Sometimes it’s just you who can help resolve a situation.

  • Problem-solving Skills. Concentrate on the solution rather than the problem.This is true but you should also have the ability to identify the main point of the issue and to be able to explore different possible solutions.

  • Creative Thinking. A soft skill that uses your creativity to come up with innovative ways to evaluate and provide solutions to tough situations.

  • Strong Communication Skills. We’re not only speaking about verbal communication but also your written communication skills. Anything you say or write should be both clear and concise and make the other people understand your point of view.

  • Strong Leadership Skills. Helping others within the team by knowing and understanding their strengths and weaknesses. This involves delegating tasks and collaboration and results in strong and lasting relationships professionally.

  • Emotional Intelligence. We all go through a surge of different emotions depending on a situation but what separates a person with soft skill is the ability to understand and manage their emotions to relieve stress. By doing this it’s easier to overcome challenges and reduce any conflicts.

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