Common Office Carpet Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Carpets are an integral part of an office because they keep you and your employees warm and comfortable. However, they tend to receive dirt pretty quickly, which can lower productivity.

Unfortunately, when you clean your office carpets the wrong way, you risk damaging them. This is the primary reason why most people go for commercial carpet cleaning.

So, are you worried you might be making mistakes while cleaning your office carpet? We are here to help you. Read on to find out some of the common mistakes you need to avoid when cleaning your office carpet.

1.  Scrubbing stains

Many people rush to scrub the carpet immediately after spilling something like coffee, tea, or wine.  Although this seems like a reasonable thing to do, it is not good at all.

When you scrub immediately after spillage, you push the stain deeper into the carpet.  Scrubbing also distorts and untwists the carpet fibers, which leads to permanent damage.

One way you can handle carpet stains without damaging them is by using a white piece of cloth to blot it.

2.  Using wrong cleaning solutions

Using a cleaning agent that is not suitable for the carpet may lead to discoloration or even complete damage. Carpets are made of different fibers which require specific cleaning products

Laundry detergents are also not ideal for cleaning the carpets because some are made using powerful chemicals such as bleach. Bleach, which is used for stain removal, can permanently damage the carpet.

There are several cleaning products in the market, but each one of them is meant for a different purpose. It would be best if you read the label on the products to understand this before using the product.

You should also check the carpets’ manufacturer information for the recommended cleaning products. Most manufacturers provide this information.

3.Not Emptying the Vacuum and Failing to Clean Often

A vacuum should be emptied after every use; otherwise, it won’t suck up dirt or dust when you use it. A vacuum’s main element is airflow; when this is restricted, vacuuming won’t work correctly.

When you use a full vacuum, you will still spot dirt and dust on the carpet. You should also check the bags in the vacuum to ensure they are not worn out or torn.

Failing to vacuum is also bad for the office carpet. Don’t wait for visible dirt or dust for you to vacuum. Instead, vacuum every week or every other week for better results.

4. Not hiring a professional

Sometimes people assume that just because it’s a carpet, anyone can clean it. For this reason, you’ll find wrinkled carpets or patches of stains that are not well cleaned.

An office should hold a certain standard, and a dirty carpet damages the overall image of the company.

If you want your carpet always to stay clean and last longer, you should consider commercial carpet cleaning. The professionals use the right detergents and also save you time and money.

They will also help maintain the life of the carpets and restore its appearance.

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