Copper Tube for ACR Application

Copper Tube for ACR application is common. Copper has been used in air conditioning systems and refrigerators for long now. The copper has very high thermal conductivity which is used in both the air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Also, the electric conductivity of the material allows the pipes to conduct electricity in these systems when necessary. Copper tube can be used in proximity with magnetic fields and can remain unaffected because the metal is non-magnetic. There are different grades and types of copper pipes that could be used with the ACR applications. Since these systems deal with high pressure and low temperatures, the wall thickness is an important factor. The seamless copper pipes are used in these applications to reduce fluid flow friction and to improve precision.

There are other applications that use copper tubes as well. The medical industry and medical equipment such as medical gas supply lines use the medical copper tube which is assigned by EN 13348 specification. The specification mandates certain standards be followed. The use of copper tubes is extensively seen in sea water and marine applications. Sea water construction structures can also use copper pipes that can eliminate the accumulation organisms, or fouling. The high thermal conductivity also makes the copper tubes be used in conjunction with heat exchangers and boilers. The price of the copper tubing therefore varies depending on the requirement of the application, the copper grade, the type of copper, the diameter, the wall thickness and the market factors as well. The widely used types are less expensive.

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