Ethnic Dressing 101: Top Styles In Pakistani Clothes Worth Trying!

The beauty of ethnic clothes from the Indian subcontinent is hard to replicate. While the West has time and again tried to create fusion outfits, certain designs are best left untouched. If you are inspired by the designs and clothing styles from countries like Pakistan, stores like Libas e Jamila Women’s Clothing Shop can offer a wide range of options. These online shops have the best stock of Pakistani clothes UK, and in this post, we are discussing some of the styles that you definitely need to try.

  • Shalwar kameez. Also called as the salwar kameez, this is a quintessential pick from Pakistan. The entire set includes a kurta, called the kameez, a pair of pants, called the shalwar or salwar, and a dupatta – all matched or coordinated in a similar theme. If you are a fan of basic ethnic clothing, this is something that you must have in your closet.
  • Sharara dresses. A sharara refers to a pair of pants that replicates the ghagra. For the uninitiated, the ghagra refers to an extremely flared skirt. Sharara typically has this fitted form down from the thighs, with flared bottoms. It comes in a suit, much like the traditional salwar kameez suit, but the kurti or top is usually shorter. The dupatta design can vary. If you want something specific for special occasions, this is indeed a classic pick.

  • Saree dress. Saree finds its origin in the Indian subcontinent and is popular in Pakistan as well. It is a long piece of cloth, typically measuring nine yards, or five meters. Saree is often called as the ‘ultimate grace’, and while it may take a while to drape the outfit, this one never really goes out of style. If you check for Asian clothes shops Birmingham, you are likely to find saree dresses almost in every store.
  • Anarkali dresses. The Anarkali is a kind of kurta with a flared hemline. It is typically teamed with slim-fit pants, or can be worn as a dress too. You can wear anarkali outfits for weddings and special occasions, with or without a dupatta. Most stores sell semi-stitched Anarkali Dresses, so you can always get it designed to suit your fit. Just ensure that the flare is good enough.

Now that you know the best traditional Pakistani clothes, go ahead and pick some for your closet – These are outfits that you are likely to repeat more than a few times.

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