How Instagram Algorithms Work and How to Hack it to grow Your Followers?

Although the Instagram algorithm is powered by machine learning, so it goes with the flow of time, and hence changes more frequently, there is some algorithm that remains the same. Experiencing those algorithms can help to get more followers. Also, there are many myths about the algorithm that needs to be addressed and clarified. Some people try to buy Instagram followers which sometimes work and sometimes don’t. Here we will address all verified Instagram algorithms and some of the ways to use algorithms to grow your followers.

How Does The Instagram Algorithm Work?


Before 2016 Instagram algorithm used a chronological model for the feed, but then it changed towards the ranked-feed model. In this way, the feeds are seen by 50% more followers. So obviously there are a certain set of acts that Instagram cares about. Let us now consider some of the algorithms:

The Instagram Algorithm Works as per your Interest

Your feed is not only about who you follow, it is based on your interactions. Machine learning of Instagram modifies your content based on your history. For instance, if you love, like, comments and interacts more with the inspirational post rather than memes your content will be filled up with inspirational pages, no matter how many meme makers you follow. So ultimately what you see over Instagram reflects the behaviour or history you spent with Instagram.

Instagram focuses more on Relationships

A software engineer of Instagram, Thomas Edison shared how Instagram theoretically figure out and accordingly shapes your content. Instagram Algorithms checks your interactions in a way, it determines to whom you message directly, what post you share and re-share, which post do you like, all these actions show how many people you know in person. All of them come under the family and friends’ section; consequently, it prioritizes your content. This indicates that even if you follow verified users of Instagram but if you do not keep interactions much with their post, stories, reels and videos their appearance over Instagram will slowly fade away from what you see on your Instagram.

Instagram Algorithm considers Timeliness

Though earlier Instagram was more focused on the popularity of a post rather than when it is posted, it now focuses on when the post is published. This change was seen after when people were encountering Christmas memes even though it was past New Year’s. Now along with the most engaging post, it also serves you the latest feed. Users who check their Instagram more frequently are likely to see engaging and update post but the users who operate Instagram occasionally see the most engaging and the latest post.

Common Myths:

A common myth about Instagram Algorithm says that Instagram is biased towards photos over videos. Well, that is not the case. Your feed is customized as per your history, so if you watch more videos you will see more videos in your content. People in a way to hack Instagram algorithms form a group in which they agree to comment, like and share on each other’s post to get more followers. Well, this works only for a short period. Once this action is recognized by machine learning it will declare as inauthentic activity and will take appropriate actions against it.

After understanding the way Instagram works, it is now the time to use these algorithms to increase followers over Instagram.

How to Use Instagram Algorithms to grow your audience?

Post Consistently:

Posting stuff consistently makes your page to look sincere and authentic. Uploading a new video can be three in a day or one in three days, depending upon how you can manage in the long run. But one should never compromise on the quality of the feed. Make a schedule and follow it obediently. Posting stuff irregularly makes no difference; it only degrades your page. Neil Patel, an SEO & social media expert says if you post several times a day, and occasionally after a few days, it will only result in loss of followers. Like in every field, Instagram’s algorithm also favours quality rather than quantity. A disciplinary schedule will help you to achieve a huge fan following.

Respects Relationship

Since Instagram algorithm focuses more on the relationship, make sure you also build a good relationship with your followers. Replying instantly to their comments or liking their comment wherever necessary only helps the algorithm to show how engaging you are. It is normal to miss out on some comments, to make sure that you reply to all comments, you should change some settings. Turning off all the notifications in Instagram excluding Comments can simplify the things.

Be Active

You need to be very active in the sense you need to check out when your audience is most active. This you can easily evaluate by using Instagram insights. The insights might not always be the same. Sometimes as per the analytics, your audience is most active during weekends while only in morning or evening during weekdays, thus, to reach many users at a time you should know when your audience is active. This might be a cumbersome process, but by upgrading to the Instagram premium one can easily find the best time to post.

Check Which Post excites your audience the most?

Every individual has a different set of audience, knowing their preferences, likes and dislikes should be your priority. Keep a close look at how your followers respond to your feed. Check whether the viewers are like the post or videos most. Since the myth about preferences for photos over videos has got cleared, if your audience likes the videos more you should post the videos more. Also, videos are more engaging than photos; you might likely be able to get more likes on them. You can also buy Instagram likes if you want the initial thrust for your profile or the page. Never try to play smart by creating fake relationships with the small interactive groups as fake relationships do not exist for long. Check for variations, different hashtags, and variations in content. Monotony in every field kills so make sure that your page or your feed gives something new to your audience. Instagram native analytics is exclusively for business actions. This helps them to know about the status, geographical and interest of their audience.

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