How to Build an Aluminium Garden Shed

If you’re an avid DIYer, you’ve probably thought about building your own shed, rather than buying one from your local garden store. Getting the parts for a metal shed is easy once you find the right supplier, once you’ve gotten all the pieces, assembling them isn’t that difficult as long as you follow some basic tips. When constructing a metal shed, remember to consider all of these guidelines.

Important Assembly Points

One of the most important things to remember when erecting your own aluminium shed is to source material from reputable aluminium suppliers. They’ll be able to give your recommendations and cut products to size to match your specific measurements. You must make sure the base is secure and you construct and affix the base frame. You’ll then assemble the walls and attach the frame of the roof, so you have a skeleton of the structure. After this is done, fit roof panels, the doors and any other fixtures. You’ll need all of the tools below to complete the project successfully:

  • Screwdriver
  • Drill
  • Tape Measure
  • Spirit Level & Pencil
  • Pliers & Protective Gear

Creating a Solid Base

Laying a solid foundation is something you should focus carefully on. If you want your shed to last for any length of time, you must create a solid base for the structure. Make sure you choose a piece of land which is relatively flat, avoid any hilly areas or lumpy patches of the garden. When installing an aluminium shed, your best option is to lay a concrete slab. Use your level to ensure it is free of any faults.

Assembling the Base Frame & Walls

Once you’ve created a secure foundation to build upon, start to assemble the base frame of the shed. Lay out all the pieces on the ground and carefully follow the instructions. When your base frame and walls are positioned correctly, use a pencil to mark out where you are going to drill. Fix the panels of the walls onto the base using screws and washers purchased from high-quality suppliers.

Roof Frame & Additional Fixtures

Your roof frame is one of the most important pieces of the structure, if you don’t fit it properly, water will leak into your shed and damage the contents. When positioning your roof panels, you’ll need to leave an overhang. You’ll once again secure the roof in place using good quality products sourced from leading construction suppliers. When adding fixtures such as the doors, you must make sure the frame is perfectly aligned before you start drilling in the screws. Carefully align the door handles with nuts and bolts and remember to attach plastic catches on both sides of the door frame.

Assembling your own shed is a DIY project which can be done easily once you follow the right instructions and use high-quality material. Choosing an aluminium shed has many advantages over other materials, they are easier to carry around and more affordable for the budget conscious builder. They don’t require an elaborate foundation and they are easy to maintain once erected.

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