How to make the most of erotic cosplay?

Erotic cosplay is one of the newest and most sought-after trends in the porn industry, for a number of obvious reasons. First of all, nothing beats watching your favorite characters in other… positions than those you are used to from the series. Secondly, even though men don’t necessarily appreciate the script of an XXX scene, they don’t just want the sex, they want it to be put into context. However, in this article, we will teach you how to make the most of your fantasies and enjoy HD videos in the best possible way.

  1. Choose your favorite character. Needless to say, when you watch erotic cosplay, you want the female character to be one you appreciate and love. We don’t only mean her personality, but also her looks: she has to be exactly your type. Whether you prefer tall or short girls, with blonde or brunette hair, and huge or medium boobs, they have to match your sexual preferences. Therefore, choose a character from a famous series that you would love to see naked and discover what she has in store under the clothes she usually wears on set.
  1. Watch more “episodes”. As with your favorite series, when you watch erotic cosplay scenes, one “episode” is not enough. You have to watch more in a row, to feel the tension growing and the main characters get closer and closer to the grand finale. If you choose one of the newest and most interesting porn websites, such as, we guarantee that you will have a… happy ending and an explosive outcome to the whole situation. Watching just one scene doesn’t guarantee that you’ve seen the best out of your favorite female character, you have to watch her in all possible scenarios to have an informed opinion.

  1. Pay attention to every detail. When you watch a TV or Netflix series, as well as when you indulge in erotic cosplay, seemingly insignificant details could make the difference. In the original series, maybe a line from one of the actors in a supporting role will dispel a mystery that lingers from the first episode. On the other hand, when you watch a porn movie, maybe the female character’s intimate… hairstyle or nipple size will attract you and become a sudden and unexpected point of interest. You never know what you’re going to get when you watch an XXX scene, and this is the beauty of it.
  1. The negative characters are always loved more. Another great comparison between the original TV series and the erotic cosplay spin-off has to do with the negative characters. As you probably already noticed, they are much more appreciated and loved by the general public. This also happens in the porn industry, the more so as they… get what they deserve. So watch the negative female characters get… ripped apart by their male counterparts and enjoy every second of it! Just lay back, relax, and choose your favorite HD scenes. PornWish has plenty of them in store for you!

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