How will a local handyman replace the damaged areas of your hardwood flooring?

If you notice some degree of damage to only a small area of your hardwood flooring, the repairs will be quick and cheap. However, this activity is easy only if you know what you’re doing, therefore we wouldn’t advise you to DIY, but rather hire a local handyman instead. He will fix your problem in no time at all and he will actually save you both time, as well as money since he will bring his own tools. Here’s what this operation consists of, step by step:

  1. The local handyman will use a carpenter square to draw a perpendicular line on the section of the board that needs to be removed;
  1. He will use a half or 3/8 inch-diameter spade bit and power drill, to drill holes along the marks at point 1;
  1. He will use a wood chisel to break the damaged boards in two. This will make their removal much easier and faster;
  1. In the next step, the local handyman from – Home & Business Services will pry out the damaged board, making sure he will cut the boards so that the end joints are staggered, for aesthetic, as well as functional reasons;
  1. After this, he will square up the drill ends by using a very sharp wood chisel, then remove exposed nails with a nail puller, or get them out of the way with a nail set. This is done for easier installation, as the operation is much smoother if the ends of the good sections are straight and square;
local handyman
  1. This is the most important step, as the local handyman will cut a new strip of hardwood floor exactly the same size as the one he previously removed. Then, he will cut off the bottom side of the groove on the board. Doing this enables him to install the new piece between two others, by inserting its tongue side first and then lowering its groove side into place. If he wouldn’t cut the bottom side of the groove, he wouldn’t be able to fit the new plank in its designated spot;
  1. Before actually laying the new board in place, the local handyman will test to see if it fits. If it doesn’t, he will have to recut it to make it the perfect size. However, since we are talking about an experienced professional, you can be almost certain he will get it right the first time;
  1. Last but not least, he will remove the replacement strip and apply construction adhesive to the backside of the new one. Then, he will install it into place and tap it carefully, for a perfect fit. After this, he will nail it with 2-inch-long ring-shank flooring nails, the ultimate standard in the industry, and drive the heads below the surface, with the help of a nail set.

Apart from flooring installation and repair, other activities a local handyman can help you with are: carpentry, ceiling repair, drywall installation/repair, ceramic tile installation/repair, decks repairs, fence fixing, door installation/repair, dryer vent installation/repair, insulation installation, etc.

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