Kevin Modany Defines the Traits that Executive Consultants Should Possess for Success


As a career executive consultant with almost a decade of experience in the field, Kevin Modany can safely say that he has seen it all. Modany first began as a Certified Public Accountant before swinging into the rapidly growing consultancy industry, sharing his insights with executives looking to leverage his skills to make smarter decisions.

As one of the premier executive consultants in his field, Modany felt obliged to share some of the steps he has taken and the information he has acquired during his journey.

Functions of an Executive Consultant

Executive consultants, first and foremost, are knowledgeable professionals who have been brought on by businesses to help navigate or otherwise solve a potential issue.

According to Kevin Modany, there are a few key functions that every executive consultant should be prepared to tackle.

  • SWOT Analysis – Explore the ins and outs of a business by identifying its strengths, threats, weaknesses, and potential growth opportunities.
  • Data Analysis – Explore the realities of dynamic information while providing solutions to increase operational efficiencies.
  • Worker Relay – Familiarize workers with core concepts provided by management so as to enhance overall performance.

Kevin Modany believes that the executive consultancy industry is prime for explosive growth in the coming years, so he advocates people prepare for that eventuality.

Essential Consultant Skills

In addition to their ability to analyze data and provide technology-related solutions, executive consultants must keep a set of soft skills by their side that they constantly look to improve upon.

Some soft skills suggested by Kevin Modany to improve include:

  • Communication Skills – As a consultant, the effective relay of information from one individual to the next is of the utmost importance. Modany emphasizes the importance of effective communication, both verbal and written, for this position.
  • Strategic Thinking – Whether operating with short or long-term goals, executive consultants must be able to envision the big-picture idea of the company that they are working for. Experienced consultants can apply strategic thinking to solve these potential scenarios.
  • Relationship Building – Executive consultants must be able to navigate technology, but they also must be able to work with individuals on ad daily basis. Kevin Modany says that a key part of the work of a consultant is to advance goals by building better relationships. Modany says, “The objective of a leader should be to get the people motivated.”
  • Ongoing Learning – Finally, Kevin Modany believes it is of the utmost importance that all executive consultants remain up to date on all of the latest goings-on in their industry. Ongoing learning as well as ongoing technical training can be an ideal way to stay ahead of the curve with regard to new concepts or technologies.

With this unique set of soft and hard skills, Kevin Modany believes that executive consultants can bring change and operational benefits to the businesses that hire them.

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