Plant Care Tips to Grow A Healthy and Happy Indoor Plants

If you are new to gardening then there are few tips to help you take care of your indoor plants. The first thing to consider is buying plants and for this, you need a reliable nursery. Purchasing from a reputed local source means all your queries get answered.

You can visit online website to read their blogs on everything related to growing a healthy and happy plant. They even sell scientifically proven organic soil conditioners that can enhance soil profile and help to grow a healthy plant.

Caring for your plants is not difficult if you follow the tips given below.

Choose indoor plants based on available light

You cannot choose indoor plants randomly. The majority of indoor plants prefer indirect sunlight. The light available in the space you determine to place the pot will help to choose the plant. In case the intensity of light through the window is more, add a sheer curtain. It will help to disperse the light. Some succulents and cacti can handle direct sunlight. Plants need sufficient light to survive!

Your lifestyle

A busy social or work life or forgetful nature can cause unintended plant neglect. Some plants can deal with this type of lifestyle. Snake plants, succulents, or ZZ plants are low-maintenance but need sufficient light. If you have more time there are few attention-loving plants like ferns or orchids. These delicate plants need a spray of filtered water daily.

When to water?

Overwatering can cause the plant to die because the roots rot. So, check the soil to ensure 2” of it is dry. If the soil feels moist and dark then there is sufficient water for now. The watering schedule also changes throughout the year.

In winter, less water is needed because their growth is slow as the sunlight is less strong and days are short. In summer, the soil will dry quickly and need more water. While watering-place a saucer or dish under the planter, if no water seeps down, give another soak.

Increase humidity levels

Tropical plants like orchids and ferns need indirect light and humidity. So, spray these plants between watering schedules. A humidifier can also help. Desert plants like cacti don’t need shade and prefer dry air and direct sunlight. There is no need to keep them moist.

How much fertilizer?

Indoor plants need fertilizer only in the growing season but remember less is more. Dilute the fertilizer in water before using it. If you replace the soil, then skip fertilizer because new soil has sufficient nutrients.

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