Protecting Your Construction Site from Severe Weather

Storms hit across the United States all the time and wreak havoc in their path. Recently, storms have caused down power lines in Iowa and Hurricane damage across the southeast. Even the state of Arizona has seen its own storms with a rare tornado.

Some weather is common and expected in certain areas, where some are unexpected. Either way, mother nature can really impact construction projects in the works.

Risks of Severe Weather

Severe weather can add additional costs and even time to complete current construction projects. So, what can you do to protect your construction project when severe weather hits?

– Evaluate the risks in your area and on the job site

– Have an emergency response contact in place for clean-up and securing job sites with trained personal

– Create an evacuation plan

– Make sure employees are aware of the plan

– Have a process in place to notify employees when severe weather hits

– Create a post-storm evaluation plan

– When identifying damage, put everything in writing and take photos and videos of damage

Training and Planning is important

There is nothing you can do to prevent mother nature from acting up. However, there are things you can do to be ready for certain events.

Always look ahead at the weather in your area. When severe weather is in the forecast, make sure to take the time to properly secure your construction site as best as possible. If severe weather does damage your site, always seek the legal advice of an attorney to help with the next steps, depending on the situation and contract in place.

Construction Law Attorney                                        

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