Reasons Your Employees Should Not Be Cleaning the Office

A clean working place plays a vital role in your business. It attracts customers, boosts employee productivity, and makes everyone happy. Your business partners feel happy and more confident doing business with you when they walk into a sparkling clean office. A tidy workplace also improves all employees’ general health since it is free from germs and viruses.

But the big question is, who should be responsible for maintaining office cleanliness? Should you outsource the work or leave it to your employees?

While some business owners believe that cleaning is a simple task that can be accomplished by their employees, the results can be devastating. Hiring a commercial cleaning service can save you a lot of money in the long run and helps your employees focus on getting essential tasks done.

In this post, we discuss some of the top reasons why your employees shouldn’t be cleaning the office.

1.    Reliability and stability of service

When you outsource your office cleaning tasks, you will enjoy peace of mind knowing that your office will be cleaned daily and on schedule. You don’t have to worry about who will be doing the cleaning if an employee falls sick, takes a vacation, or fails to report to work.

A commercial cleaning service will always deploy its cleaners to ensure your cleaning needs are met consistently throughout the year. Some commercial cleaning companies even provide a 24-hour service, which affords you the flexibility to request for on-demand cleaning at any time of the day.

2.    Quality

No matter how hard your employees try to clean the office space, they cannot match the quality provided by commercial cleaning companies. Keep in mind that cleaning companies employ professional cleaners who boast many years of experience.

They also have specialized and high-quality cleaning equipment to make their work easier. They are dedicated to their work and strive to uphold professionalism.

A good cleaning company will always ensure that your office is kept clean and you can be assured that every cleaning task will be handled efficiently. Trash bins will be emptied on time, floors mopped, and windows scrubbed.

3.    Commercial cleaning is a bit complex.

Even if most of the employees do the cleaning chores at their homes, that is not a valid reason to assign them cleaning responsibilities at the office. Keep in mind that the types of products and equipment used for office cleaning differ from those used at home. Also, the home setup comprises a few people, which means less dirt than in an office.

4.    It is costly

Assigning your employees office cleaning tasks can also be costly in the long run. Unlike commercial cleaning services, your employees’ work rate is much lower because they are not trained to clean offices.

It means that they will use more time and resources to clean. The wasted time could be used in another productive way. Your employees may also hurt themselves while cleaning, leading to expensive personal injury lawsuits. Remember the fact that your business insurance won’t cover such accidents because cleaning is not within their scope.

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