Simple Tips to Learn Multiplication Table of 4 for Kids

Multiplication tables are the building blocks of mathematics. It is important for children to learn tables in order to solve arithmetic problems accurately. Once kids understand the multiplication table of 2, it becomes easier for them to learn table 4. Learning times tables will enable them to solve problems related to multiplication, division, fraction, decimals, percentages, etc. Apart from this, it makes it easier for them to calculate problems in their day to day life. For example, helping you in counting money or calculating bills for the items that you have purchased.

Learning table 4 will make calculations easier and faster for kids. At the initial stage, kids need engaging activities to learn multiplication tables. You cannot expect them to memorize 4 times table with just a glance. They need time to grasp the numbers that they are learning in their little minds. Therefore, conducting or incorporating fun activities can help them to learn tables. Besides this, you can also provide printable multiplication table charts for them to learn at their own pace.

Times tables are used to solve simple and complex problems effortlessly. Kids must get acquainted with multiplication tables in order to develop mathematical skills and solve any complex equations within a fraction of seconds. Encourage your child to learn and practice tables on a regular basis so that they retain the numbers in their memory. Check out interesting tips to learn multiplication tables of 4 given below.

Tips To Learn Table Of 4 For Kids

Sometimes, kids may find it difficult to memorize a table of 4. Therefore, it is necessary for you to engage them with easy activities to learn tables efficiently. A few tips to learn multiplication tables of 4 are mentioned below:

  • Use real life examples to teach tables: Explore more examples and opportunities to teach multiplication tables for kids. Make sure you take easy examples so that kids can understand the questions before answering them. For example, you can ask kids to calculate the items that you have purchased. The price of a yoghurt can is 4$. What is the total cost of 4 yoghurt cans? The answer is 4 x 4= 16. Therefore, the total cost of 4 yoghurt cans is 16$. Similarly, you can ask simple questions so that they can learn a table of 4.
  • Use building blocks to teach tables: Use legos or building blocks to teach multiplication tables. Provide them with building blocks of numbers written on them. Ask them to place the correct multiples in front of the numbers. For example, 4 x 2 = 8, kids can search 8 and place it in front of 4 x 2. Similarly, you can make them practice table 4 in this way.

Table Of 4 Chart

Here is a table of 4 charts up to 20 for kids mentioned below:

4 x 1= 4

4 x 2= 8

4 x 3= 12

4 x 4= 16

4 x 5= 20

4 x 6= 24

4 x 7= 28

4 x 8= 32

4 x 9= 36

4 x 10= 40

4 x 11= 44

4 x 12= 48

4 x 13= 52

4 x 14= 56

4 x 15= 60

4 x 16= 64

4 x 17= 68

4 x 18= 72

4 x 19= 76

4 x 20= 80

Benefits Of Learning Times Table

Learning multiplication tables helps kids to score well in their academics. These are not only useful for mathematics but also for other subjects to calculate problems. Once they are acquainted with a 3 times table, you can make them learn table 4 with engaging activities. Some of the advantages of learning times tables are mentioned below:

  • Helps children to solve mathematical problems easily.
  • Enables children to acquire a strong foundation of mathematical knowledge.
  • Helps in solving problems related to fraction, decimals, percentages, multiplication, division, etc.
  • Develops mathematical skills among children.

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