Types of bookmaker bonuses: the best and most popular

Everyone likes to receive gifts. But not all of them are valuable. The sweet word bonus attracts new players to betting shops. Of course, being able to place a bet without risking money is always nice. But not all bonuses are equally useful for players. Let’s find out why we need bonuses, what they are and which ones are better to refuse right away.

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Types of bookmaker bonuses: the most profitable and popular

Why bookmakers give players bonuses?

And really, why do bookmakers give bonuses? It’s all about the fact that there are so many betting companies nowadays. And every one of them needs players: the more customers, the more earnings – it’s an axiom. Therefore, all other things being equal, bookmakers have to resort to marketing actions to attract customers.

Bookmakers’ bonuses are one type of such promotion. For the players it is a great opportunity to get a welcome reward when registering or depositing an account, for the bookmaker a good chance to get new customers.

But not all bonuses are the same and not all are beneficial. Let’s look at the most popular types of bonuses that bookmakers offer.

Types of bookmaker bonuses

All bonuses can be divided into two categories: for new customers and for already registered ones. As a rule, the more profitable bonuses are for those who are just about to join a bookmaker. Such bonuses can be received only once. For those clients who are already registered, the bonuses are less favourable.

The bookmaker’s task in relation to such players is to notice the moment when a client starts playing less often, and try to maintain his interest, to bring him back into the game. Let’s talk about the most common types of bonuses.

Freebet or free bet is the most common type of bonus offered at most betting shops. Roughly speaking, you can place a bet at the bookmaker’s expense. You place the bet, if it wins – the net win is yours. If the freebie loses, you lose nothing, but you don’t gain anything either. Freebies can be given for a variety of reasons.

Freebet for registration – this option is not very popular at the moment, but it does happen. You register and are rewarded with a freebet. You put it in, if you get a win, you can bet on what you’ve won. But, as a rule, the funds received as a freebet cannot be withdrawn immediately, they must be wagered at the bookmaker’s terms and conditions, or at least you have to replenish your account.

Freebie for the first deposit – it is the same, but you need to make a deposit first to get the freebie. Then you will get a free bet.

Freebet Promotions – These bonuses are usually given in the course of a major tournament. You bet on certain sports and you will be rewarded with a freebet.

The birthday freebet is probably the nicest kind of bonus. On a player’s birthday, the bookmaker will give them a free bet. The amount will depend on your activity and average bet amount.

Cashback is a relatively new type of bonus, where the player is given a percentage of the bet made or deposit made. Usually it is between 1% and 10% of your bets. But to be on the safe side, bookmakers usually set limits on the maximum amount of the cashback. Nevertheless, if you have been in deficit for a certain period of time, a cashback can sweeten the sad pill.

First deposit bonuses – you sign up, make a deposit and the bookmaker gives you a bonus. Usually it’s 100% of the deposit, but there are times when companies give you 150% or 200% of the deposit. The amount of money can be great, but in fact it can be very difficult to wager. In order to withdraw such a bonus, you will need to roll its amount several times (from 2 to 50) on bets with a certain type and odds. It will be very difficult to do so.

Elevated odds – such variants, with reduced or even zero margin, are offered by bookmakers for super matches, for example the Champions League final in football. This is usually done in matches between tied teams, where the bookmaker runs little risk of incurring big losses. Players, especially professional players, will be happy to place a bet on a bet with favourable odds. A great option for attracting player interest.

Betting insurance – also known as a win-win bet. This type of bonus allows the player to bet without risk. You bet on an event and if you win, you win. If you lose, you get a refund of the bet you made. But it’s not as light-hearted as it may seem at first glance. The bookmaker may set a minimum event odd to bet on and a certain market, such as the exact score. So the number of winnings on such a bet will be minimal. But why not try your luck!

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