What Does The Bike Insurance Engine Protect Add-on Policy Cover?

Today, we will discuss comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policies and bike owners who love their bikes. Insurance has always been perceived as an unnecessary cost. However, over the last two decades, there has been an increase in awareness of the importance of the right insurance plan. Talking about bike insurance, since the Motor Vehicles Act has made it mandatory for all bikes to have a third-party liability insurance policy, many people buy just that.

These policies do not cover damages to the insured bike; when they meet with an accident or mishap, they have to bear the repair costs. This is when they realise that they could have avoided these costs by paying a small premium. And for that, they needed to buy a comprehensive bike insurance.

While comprehensive bike insurance covers damages to the insured bike, it does not include all aspects. Therefore, insurers offer add-on covers to help bike owners customise the plan according to their needs.

What is Engine Protect Cover Bike Insurance?

The engine is like the heart of the bike. A sound engine ensures a smoothly-performing bike. When you buy standard comprehensive insurance for bikes, it does not cover engine repair and replacement. This is where bike owners who do not read the policy documents get an unpleasant surprise. If you want additional protection for the engine of your two-wheeler, then you need to buy an Engine Protect add-on cover.

This add-on cover offers financial assistance to the policyholder if the bike’s engine needs to be repaired or replaced due to leakages or hydraulic locks. Without the add-on cover, repairing or replacing the engine can be a huge expense that you will have to manage since the standard policy will not cover it. The engine can get damaged due to many reasons. Hence, it is prudent to buy this add-on cover.

How Does Engine Protect Cover Work?

If water ingression or lubrication/oil leakage results in a damaged engine, then you can file a claim with the insurance provider under the Engine Protect cover. The insurer gets the engine checks and compensates the repair or replacement costs of the engine or its parts. Sometimes, the engine can get damaged due to a hydrostatic lock. This cover offers compensation for such damages too.


  • The insurer will not offer coverage if the engine is damaged due to regular wear and tear.
  • You need to file a claim within the specified time frame Any delay in informing the insurer can lead to a rejection of the claim.
  • If you are driving under the influence of alcohol and the engine gets damaged, the insurer does not offer coverage.
  • The insurer does not offer coverage if you are driving without a valid licence.
  • The insurer will not offer compensation if you repair or replace the engine without informing the insurance provider.
  • If your bike is new and still covered under the warranty offered by the manufacturer, then the insurer will not offer additional coverage.

Summing Up

It is recommended that all bike owners who purchase a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy also buy the engine protection add-on cover. If you own a high-end bike, repairing and replacing the engine can burn a hole in your pockets. This cover can be particularly beneficial if you reside in an area prone to floods or have frequent water logging issues.

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