Cat Eye Frames: Things You Should Remember

Cat sunglasses, or as people called them, Harlequin and Manhattan glasses, appeared in the ‘50s, and soon afterward, they gained prominence. Altina Schinasi designed and created them, which lead to an entirely new era in the history of shades.

Before they became prominent, most glasses feature round and straightforward design, and most designers and creators focused on their function and neglected fashion perspective, which became influential in further years.

However, when cat eyeshades entered the market, they have created a revolution in fashion, flair, colour, and style. It is vital to check out the International Association for Opticians by clicking here for additional info.

Even though they had optical lenses at first, you should know that this particular style became highly popular among people in the ‘60s, but they feature tinted lenses for additional appeal.

One of the first celebrities who started wearing them was Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s when she wore a specific pair made by Oliver Goldsmith.

That was the moment when people started using the name Manhattan to address this particular type of shade.

Even though Audrey Hepburn was the first actress who popularized cat-eye shades, other Hollywood stars wore them, including Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, and Marilyn Monroe.

In popular media and culture, they have become synonymous with bob or beehive hairstyle throughout the 20th century. The original design was exaggerated in shape, oversized, and featured small lenses upturned at the temples.

However, modern models feature a subtler design, which provided a more flexible approach. Today, they come in numerous shapes and sizes, with tiny wings on end based on face shapes and types. Beforehand, you should enter to find Ray-Ban Glasses that will provide you peace of mind and reduce overall sensitivity compared with other options.


The frame, such as Del Ray, features black acetate, positive perspective, tortoise, pink crystal, or other colours that most women prefer. You can also find basic options that were highly popular in the ‘90s with different colour palettes you can find.

Finally, you can find curving optical styles that feature feminine and medium fit and GLCO acetates, tiramisu, and feather tortoise shades. If you wish to express your luxurious style while outside, you will be able to provide your face an entirely different perspective.

The main idea is to determine the best course of action based on face style and shape, which will help you out with the process.

Benefits of Cat Eye Sunglasses

  • Face Uplift – The most significant benefit of this particular type of shade is that you can uplift your face and change your appearance altogether. Therefore, you can ensure to improve your style. They are perfect for people that wish to grab attention. It doesn’t matter if you are women or men that want to grab the attention because you can enjoy and use them wherever you go outside.
  • Perfect for Round-Shaped Faces – If you have a round-shaped face, you should choose cat-eye sunglasses. This particular design will provide you with shape angles, which will reduce your imperfection and widen up your look, among other things.

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