Trends Set To Dominate Our Kitchens In 2021

We spend a substantial amount of time in our kitchens. They are an integral part of our homes and some offices. However, what is all the fuss about? A kitchen is complete as long as it has a rack for the dishes, a sink, cooking apparatus, and a few essential gadgets, right?

You have probably seen elegant danish furnitures or French-inspired decor on TV, the Internet, or home improvement magazines, displaying images of kitchens. This has developed a growing interest among the masses for well-designed kitchens.

As we delve into 2021, how do we anticipate kitchens to change? Let us look at some trends you can implement if you are looking to upgrade.

Top 5 Kitchen Trends Of 2021

  • Smart technology

Kitchens are a hub for versatile gadgets in the home. In the bid to make work easier, appliance developers are perpetually coming up with something new or improving existing ones’ functionality by adding features. Currently, there is an apparatus for almost every task in the kitchen.

The spread of the eco-conscious mentality has crept into our kitchens too. In reaction to this, the use of smart technology is prevalent. We forecast the appearance of more smart devices that enhance efficiency and safety while reducing our carbon footprint on the earth.

  • Minimalism

In 2021, we expect to let go of kitchens filled up with appliances and utensils. This year, the minimalism approach will take over. They say less is more, and designers are looking to introduce more space into our cooking dens. The minimalist decor and multipurpose appliances are sure to make an increased appearance. There will be an emphasis on storage space to minimize clutter on kitchen surfaces.

  • Organic materials

The go-green support wouldn’t be complete with just smart devices and lighting. We forecast the utilization of natural, recycled, or reclaimed materials in kitchen furniture and fixtures. There will be more wood, natural stone, and reclaimed wire in backlash trends.

  • More storage

Storage is a vital element of any kitchen. It helps keep the room orderly and organized. Instead of wall-mounted storage, there will be in-built drawers, kitchen larders, walk-in pantries, and concealed cabinets. Ample storage helps avoid clutter and minimizes the occurrence of injuries and accidents.

  • More color

The all-white kitchen is on its way out. Design teams will be using color to incorporate functionality, mood, and order. We’ll be seeing a lot of colorful walls, kitchen tops, cabinets, and fixtures. Appliances can also help break up neutral hues like greys and whites for people who still prefer white kitchens.

Last Word

The truth is, kitchens serve a bigger purpose than we give them credit for. Thus, the influx of trends specifically focusing on kitchen designs. And in 2021, we anticipate seeing these trends and many more feature prominently in our kitchens. Whether you are looking to renovate your kitchen or making up a new home, try these trends to bring style, safety, and personality to functionality.


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