How Comprehensive Car Insurance Can Help Protect Your Vehicle During Monsoon

With the monsoons’ onset, one can experience several issues with the vehicle, from being stranded in traffic due to waterlogging to finding the least flooded place to park your car. Here are a few ways comprehensive car insurance can help you brave your way on the roads during monsoon.

Poor urban infrastructure is a major reason for waterlogging apart from a heavy downpour. Other than waterlogging, facing potholes on the road can invite unwanted damages to your car. However, to provide your vehicle with the necessary protection, it is vital to equip your vehicle with the required insurance.

Having comprehensive car insurance would help you to claim the damages done to your car during the monsoon. Claims can be partial to recover the costs of repairs or a total damage claim. In case your policy doesn’t cover any electrical damage, you would need a rider for coverage upgradation. Here is how comprehensive car insurance can protect your vehicle during the monsoon.

Damages to Windows or Windshield:  

At times, due to heavy hail storm or even cyclones can damage your car windows and windshield. A comprehensive car insurance plan can help you recover the cost incurred in replacing a new one.

Damages to Interiors or Engine: 

Most of the time, when the water level rises due to clogging, it damages your car engine or even the interiors. These damages can be claimed if you have an add-on rider on your coverage.

What Would Your Comprehensive Policy Not Cover?

Leaks through the Windows or Doors

Due to heavy rains, one can experience car leaking doors and windows, but the expenses incurred on repairing these are not covered. The reason for the leakage is sighted as the negligence of the car owner or the driver.

Equipment damage

Any damage that occurred to the car’s equipment that is not a permanent installation is not covered under the car insurance policy.

Some Tips That Are Handy During Monsoon

If your car faces breakdown in the middle of the road, a roadside assistance cover can come to your rescue. You can add the rider to your comprehensive car insurance policy to get the coverage for roadside assistance and towing.

Keep your AC off when you are driving on the waterlogged area. It would be best if you kept it off when your car is standing idle amidst the flooded water to avoid water getting inside the AC vents.

Engine protection cover can be taken as an add-on cover, that would be helpful if the water enters the engine and damages it. Also, remember that one can claim this coverage only when the engine damages due to heavy rains, not because of the driver’s fault.

In case of heavy rains, one should always start the car slow and avoid driving too fast; in fact, one should keep a safe distance and allow other vehicles to pass.

Inform the insurance providers within 48 hours of damage to the car or any parts due to rain.

Adding zero-depreciation to your car insurance would be helpful to claim the entire amount.

This coverage does not apply to old cars or cars that are older than five years.

Now that you know that comprehensive car insurance can help to protect the vehicle during the monsoon. This also calls for being extra cautious about your car during monsoon to avoid any unwanted damage.

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