Mistakes People Make to Control Bed Bugs in Their House

Problems with bed bugs are very common in a house. Bed bug is a kind of insect, which sucks human blood at night. It causes harm to your health and environment. When you find a bed bug in your house, you will definitely feel disgusting and try to get it out from your home.

To overcome these problems, you can contact https://solutioncimex.com at Granby, Elsewhere, Sherbrooke or Montreal. It offers various treatment services by using steam, heat, etc to protect your health as well as property.

Inadequate knowledge on bed bugs makes your situation worse. The following are few mistakes, which people will do when they see a bed bug in their home.


When people suspect there is a bed bug in the mattress, then they won’t sleep on that mattress and search for alternative to sleep. However, not using the mattress is not a solution for the problem. Bed bugs spread within no time. They move very fast in 6 minutes it moves 30 feet distance.

It takes some time for bed bug experts to reach your house. Until they come, try to prevent bugs from spreading all over the house by purchasing box spring cover and bed cover.

Avoid using foggers, bleach, different killers, liquids, fire in the house, etc to control the bugs. All these won’t prevent bed bugs, unless they may cause harm to you or your family members.

Never use pesticides on the bed, again you have to sleep on the same bed. Your body will be in contact with the chemicals. It may cause harm to you.

Before moving to a house, check for bed bugs and ask for prior bug infestation and prevention process else it costs a lot to you.

If you move from the house without treating them, they will come with you to the other place. Again, you need to face the same problems at new place.

Explain your experience as well as symptoms to the bug inspector. Before starting process, a specialized inspector tries to identify the bed bugs and searches all the places in your house, especially bedroom.

Compared to technicians trained canines are 95% accurate, make sure whether the dogs are certified or not. These dogs are specially trained to identify live bugs and eggs.

If the bed bugs are there in your house from a long time, you cannot treat them yourself. It is essential to take help from an experienced service provider. They will solve the issue by using different techniques.

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